Welcome to the Conference on Sun-Climate Connections

This international conference will provide an overview of our current understanding of Sun-Climate Connections starting at processes on the Sun itself over space weather and solar wind towards solar influence on the upper atmosphere down to the ocean. It will also provide insights into the heatedly debated role of the Sun in climate change. In four sessions the various contributions of solar variability influence on Earth’s climate will be presented and discussed by bringing together solar physicists, space scientists, atmospheric scientists, climate modellers, and paleoclimatologists.

We expect contributions from scientists participating in SCOSTEP/ROSMIC, SPARC-SOLARIS/HEPPA, the EU cost network TOSCA, as well as any other interested scientists. The conference will last three full days, beginning Monday morning, 16 March 2015. The programme will consist of invited and keynote lectures, a few contributed oral presentations and ample time dedicated to poster sessions. The fourth day will be devoted to public outreach activities as well as panel discussions.


1: Impact of variations in solar
radiative forcing
2: Impact of Interplanetary
3: Effects of Energetic Particles on
Earth's Atmosphere and Climate
4: Modeling Studies of Solar
Influences on Climate

Confirmed panelists

Guy Brasseur (MPI-Met, Hamburg), Greg Kopp (LASP, Boulder), Gian-Kasper Plattner (University of Bern)

Confirmed keynote lecturers

Karen Alpin (University of Oxford), Margit Haberreiter (PMOD, Davos), Kalevi Mursula (University of Oulu), Klairie Tourpali (Aristoteles University, Thessaloniki)

Confirmed invited lecturers

Stefan Brönnimann (University of Bern), Bernd Funke (IAA, Granada), Joanna Haigh (Imperial College London), Greg Kopp (LASP, Boulder), Mojib Latif (GEOMAR, Kiel), Martin Visbeck (GEOMAR, Kiel) 

Presenter information

For oral presentations we support Microsoft PowerPoint™ (latest version) and PDF (Operating system is Windows 7). Please bring your presentation on an USB stick and upload it to the laptop used for the presentations well before the start of your session. One of our technical staff will be there to help. A presenter and pointer will be available.

Posters are best printed in DIN A0 format, portrait orientation which is 841 x 1189mm paper size. Removable sticky tape and pins for the poster walls will be provided.

General information

The conference will be held in Kiel, Germany. We have provisionally reserved rooms in several hotels which you may book via Kiel Marketing. Please see Accommodation on the details.

A preliminary program is available and can be found under programme.

Limited support will be available for young scientists. Updated information will be available in January 2015.

Abstract deadline: January 16th, 2015.

Registration is now open

The conference fee is 150€. Payments are handled by Converia/Lombego Systems, a German based company specialized in conference management software. All personal data is transferred using up to date encryption technology, and stored on servers in Germany. All personal data including your email and your account on this webpage will be deleted after the conference.